Center for Conflict Resolution
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Annette Lantz-Simmons

Annette is Executive Director of the Center for Conflict Resolution.  She came to the conflict resolution field in 2002 from the business sector.  Annette holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Fresno Pacific University and a Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University (EMU).  Annette was named Alumni Peacebuilder of the Year for 2018 and became a certified trainer for the STAR program (Strategies in Trauma Awareness and Resilience) through the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at EMU. Annette creates a work environment that supports relationships between clients, staff, volunteers, and board members to reflect the work CCR does in the community.


Debbie Bayless

Debbie has been a mediator with CCR since 2004 and Mediation Coordinator since August 2009. Debbie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Human Services, with minors in German Language and Psychology. Currently she works primarily with neighborhoods and several Restorative Justice court diversion programs. She completed her Master’s Degree in Restorative Justice at Eastern Mennonite University in May 2018, which has expanded her skills and understanding as she helps people in families, neighborhoods and in the workplace work toward peaceful solutions to conflict. One of Debbie’s goals in the processes she facilitates is to help people uphold dignity for themselves and others to transform communication between differing opinions and perspectives.  


Jacqueline Buycks

Jackie joined the CCR team in January 2016. She is a trained mediator and experienced classroom facilitator.  Jacqueline also is assistant pastor at Good Samaritan Christian Center, where she teaches, facilitates and mentors several weekly groups. Jacqueline enjoys the gift of entrepreneurship and has created and operated several businesses since 1995. Jacqueline is a restorative justice facilitator, mediator and trainer for students, teachers and administrators in area schools where her contagious positive outlook and energy has the tendency to interrupt harmful conflict before it can escalate to violence.

Nachia- .jpg

Nachia Cayson

Nachia has been a Restorative Justice Facilitator since January, 2019. With a background in customer service, she has learned the powerful skill of listening to others and then walking with them to solve problems. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, she enjoys creating opportunities for people to realize their limitless capacity to grow and change. Her non-anxious presence helps to calm young people in school who are experiencing conflict, trauma and upheaval. Nachia is looking forward to sharing conflict resolution and restorative justice with as many people as possible.


Damone cox

Damone was raised in Kansas City and is the most content when he is learning. His studies have earned him a certificate in paralegal practice from Black Stone Career institute with extra work in Psychology, English and Sociology. Damone was the Director of the African Awareness Organization and volunteers for the Midwest Innocence Project, Reaching Out From Within and the Black United Front of KC. He is an activist and advocate for justice, equity and for people needing a second chance. Damone facilitates Conflict Resolution Classes in schools and participates in CCR RJ processes.


Joanie Levenson

Joanie began her affiliation with the Center for Conflict Resolution in 2012 when she participated in the ICR and Mediation Training.  Following the training, she volunteered for CCR for a time. She officially joined the staff in July 2015, and she now serves the organization as Administrative Coordinator and as a Restorative Justice Facilitator.  Joanie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre/Music. She also earned a Master of Divinity degree in 2002 and worked as a Hospice Chaplain for 13 years prior to coming to work at CCR.


Katrina poplett

Katrina obtained her Master’s in Restorative Justice at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, at Eastern Mennonite University in May of 2019. Originally from Minnesota, she has worked with multiple organizations as a certified mediator and a restorative justice facilitator within her communities. Katrina began her work with CCR as an intern and, following the completion of her degree, officially joined the staff. She assists with CCR programs in schools, prisons and neighborhoods. She cares deeply about listening to all people and hearing what they are saying, and believes that we should not be defined by the worst moment/mistake in our lives. In summing up her reason for pursuing peacebuilding work, Katrina says, “I believe in love: receiving, giving, being broken and being healed.”


Lyle Seger

Lyle retired as a United Methodist pastor after serving churches for 34 years. He graduated from Eastern Mennonite University with a Certification in Restorative Justice in 2018.  He is certified as a Core and Domestic Mediator, serving on the Domestic Mediation Panel and Small Claims Court in Douglas County, KS.  Lyle began his exploration of mediation and restorative justice through training at CCR and is excited to return here to lend his skills and passion to the work we are doing in the community. 


Karen Slaughter

Karen began her affiliation with the Center for Conflict Resolution in 2017 after participating in ICR and Mediation Training. She came to the field from the business sector. Karen has volunteered in CCR Neighborhood Accountability Boards. She has also provided volunteer mediation services to the Jackson County Courts. Karen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science as well as an Associate in Paralegal Technologies. She volunteers with the Key Coalition Neighborhood working to help people, families and neighborhoods. Karen is happiest when she's helping others realize their dreams.


Jaylon Verser 

Jaylon brings 10 years of experience working with youth in the Kansas City area to the CCR school team. One of his goals is to positively impact youth’s ability to make informed decisions. Jaylon is a trained mediator and Restorative Justice proponent and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration from UMKC. Jaylon sees community connections as a critical component in understanding and solving problems that exist.


Larry Wilkins

Larry is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, the youngest of three children, and is the proud grandfather to two young grandchildren. Larry brings a facilitation background to his work at CCR, having been the Director of Leadership Development and a group facilitator for Brothers in Blue, a prison reentry program. Since joining the CCR team he has gained certificates in Restorative Justice, Circle Facilitation, Trauma Awareness and Resilience, and Restorative Discipline, and has co-facilitated a Neighborhood Accountability Board training. Larry is a gifted youth Conflict Resolution trainer in the schools and lives the principles of Restorative Justice in his work in the community.


gregory winship

Gregory is a trained mediator and serves as the Office/Training Coordinator and Restorative Justice Strategist for the Center for Conflict Resolution. He was introduced to restorative justice principles in 2006 and has more than 20 years of experience dealing with interpersonal conflict resolution in the criminal justice system. Greg creates, manages and delivers conflict resolution and restorative justice programs in prisons in Missouri and Kansas, including Leavenworth Federal prison. Gregory earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Graceland University, and received a Master’s Degree in Restorative Justice from Eastern Mennonite University.