Center for Conflict Resolution
We Teach People How to Get Along

Mission, Method & Motive

Mission, Method & Motive



The Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) helps people solve conflict by providing:

  • a safe, structured and positive environment where individuals can choose understanding over escalating conflict,

  • processes that empower people to resolve, manage and transform conflict in their lives and

  • training that imparts the skills and tools that are necessary to create peaceful solutions and restore relationships.



CCR works with children and youth to teach skills that prevent normal conflict from becoming verbally or physically violent. Collaboration becomes the new normal.

Interactive and experiential training provides a forum for introspection, inquiry into long-held ideas and connection with others who are grappling with similar issues.

The human brain is wired to connect. When those connections are disrupted by unresolved conflict, a neutral, all-partial third party can help.

All processes used at CCR are based on the principles of restorative justice, which state that people are capable of solving problems in their lives when they are supported by respectful processes that encourage responsibility and collaboration.



CCR envisions a city where effective, respectful communications bring about peaceful relationships and create an environment where citizens are safe and able to lead satisfying and productive lives, a city

  • where all schools include conflict resolution training for children, youth and staff as a part of the required curriculum,

  • where every Kansas City municipality boasts neighborhood accountability boards, where trained and committed members create communities of support for victims and offenders,

  • where every family has access to conflict resolution processes and education to enhance peaceful co-existence,

  • where an area-wide program supports all ex-offenders through conflict resolution training and referrals to services,

  • where retaliation is NOT the first response to violence,

  • a city that serves as a model throughout our nation in violence prevention and conflict resolution.